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Is it a risk-taker’s market? Investors are skeptical

There’s a laundry list of reasons to be cynical about the stock market this year: real estate, high-interest rates, government shutdown risks, and wars abroad.  Investor and personal …

Amazon revenue reports jumps 13%, stock climbs as a result

Much to many analysts' surprise, Amazon’s third-quarter earnings and revenue exceeded analysts' estimates by $1.7 billion. Their advertising sector raked in $12.1 billion in the third quarter …

AppleInsider reports that pre-orders of the iPhone 15 are up by 10% worldwide, year after year, with the sale of the iPhone Pro Max this year doing “exceptionally well.” The new Pro …
Meme stocks become viral through online communities such as Reddit and X. Through these social platforms; investors discuss stock viability, gather enough individuals, and mass-buy a certain amount …
The US Dollar is called the world’s “reserve currency” by the Council of Foreign Relations and has since been the standard for international trade. Countries must possess dollars …
In an interview with CNBC, Josh Young stated that the recent drop in US oil usage and supply is not worrying. When juxtaposed with global figures, Young noted that US oil demand is not far behind, …

The American Film Market: Here's What You Need To Know

1.) The Evolution of the American Film Market: A Retrospective The American Film Market is a cornerstone event in the film industry, held annually in early November. Since its inception in 1981, …

Is Citibank Recovering From Its Billion-Dollar Slip-up?

Citibank was at the center of worldwide scrutiny when it accidentally sent billions of dollars to Revlon's lenders with its bank money. Citibank filed a case to recover the funds. After a lengthy …

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Bitstamp's EUR SEPA payments will be paused on May 1 2024 for the upcoming EU Labour Day holiday.
At the same time, credit card reward programs are coming under fire in Washington.
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In a bid to win back inflation-weary customers, Target is discounting milk, bread, veggies, yogurt, coffee, pet food, paper towels and more.
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As restaurant prices rise faster than general inflation, Americans are collectively saying "we have food at home."
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If you bought $1,000 worth of GameStop stock at the recent high, it would have been worth $300 a few days later.
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Here's what you need to know about popular tax credits and how to claim them.
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The American Intelligence Community Needs More Innovation

(NewsUSA) - New and emerging technology continues to transform all areas of government activity, and the United States Intelligence Community (IC) is no exception, according to experts at the …

BookTrib's Bites: Four Fascinating Reads

(NewsUSA) - What We Buried by Robert Rotenberg Inspired by the true story of the Forty Martyrs in Gubbio, Italy, during World War II, this is an extraordinary crime novel about troubled legacies, …
Join us in welcoming VCHF and VEUR. Learn more about our latest additions and how stablecoins are simplifying global money transfers.
All Bitstamp services will be temporarily offline due to scheduled upgrades.
Bitstamp's EUR SEPA payments will be paused on March 29 and April 1, 2024, due to Good Friday and Easter Monday.
Money managers invested in utility companies, chip makers, and technology firms that could benefit from the growth of the AI sector, Goldman Sachs analysis shows
Wipro Chart is Bullish after 20% correction Wipro is on Law of Polarity working from 2019 Stock has achieved the targets of LOP which was coming around 550 And stock has corrected exactly …

Biden announces over 1 million veteran claims related to burn pit and other toxic exposure granted under new law

Biden has blamed burn pits for the brain cancer that killed his son, Beau, who served in Iraq, and has vowed repeatedly that he would get the PACT Act into law.

We are currently bearish on the daily timeframe and price just came into a very strong resistance level/order block with the daily stochastic RSI in the way overbought territory. I am in on shorts …
Shiba Inu congratulates its official liquid staking derivative (LSD) partner K9 Finance DAO as CoinW announces plans to list its… The post Shiba Inu Congratulates Its Partner on This Milestone …
BTCUSDT : Bitcoin is seen in a flag pattern If he completes the pullback We will grow well to the size of the base of the flag But the price should not close below 67065 Our support …
… Procurement at the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning (MFDP), has … called on the Minister of Finance & Development Planning, Mr. Boima … ) with funds from the Project Financial …
FOREXCOM:XAUUSD We have wonderfully built a 12345 Elliott Wave setup, but now it's time for a correction. We have probably already completed waves one and two, and now we are currently looking …
This technical analysis is based on the daily chart of BINANCE:CHZUSDT on the Binance exchange. In this analysis, a price channel is drawn, and support and resistance levels are evaluated. Price …
In an era where digital transformations are reshaping industries, VoIP Finance has seized the global […]
Don’t lose your precious ETH to a typo! Understand Ethereum address checksums and how they safeguard your transactions from costly mistakes.
European stocks fell and bond yields rose after the latest price data from the UK cast doubt on hopes that prices pressures have been vanquished.
Will Nvidia stock surpass investors' expectations?
Stock is consolidating from its life time high of 1175 since 9-FEB-2024. Multiple rejections in the range of 1060-1090. due to market news and elections the stock is very volatile. I see the …
MKR D and 4H Consolidation underway.H oversold bounce for a D HL Playing the H OS bounce for MKR in hourly Oversold art prior Value area backtest. Nice confluence for a frontside aggressive …
EURGBP initially began the year in a fairly well-defined trading range but showed bullish impetus after breaking out of the consolidation pattern. However, bullish momentum appeared lacking, as the …
Dear Traders, We are convening a discussion focused on #RONINUSDT THE Decending Triangle Pattern Breakout Has Already Done ✅ So,I Expect a Bullish Move of 40% ?? Regards: …
You can claim Social Security without an earnings record of your own, but there's a maximum payday you'll be entitled to.
International business
Manitoba’s cut to youth summer job program leaves some groups scrambling
The Manitoba government said it was open to discussions Tuesday after facing criticism for cutting support to a major summer job program.
White Sox end 4-game skid with 5-0 win over Jays
The Toronto Blue Jays delivered a dud on Tuesday night, managing only two hits in a 5-0 loss to the Chicago White Sox that saw the home team leave the field to a smattering of boos at Rogers Centre.
Langley city council could ban more daycares in downtown core
There are four daycares in the downtown section - three on the one-way street - and council members are worried about the effect of more daycares on retail businesses.
Surrey business group ‘urgently calling’ for reform of sex offender laws
The Surrey Board of Trade says it is joining Mayor Brenda Locke in "urgently calling" for a comprehensive review of laws and protocols around high-risk sex offenders.
Calgary Food Bank sees unprecedented demand as inflation remains high
The Calgary Food Bank struggles with a huge increase in demand as the city struggles with the highest inflation rate in Canada,
WATCH: Global News Hour at 6 – May 21
Watch the online edition of Global News Hour at 6 BC.
B.C. government considering making CPR training mandatory in high schools
In an open letter, her mother Caroline McIntyre, who is an emergency physician, said a 15-minute delay in her daughter receiving naloxone or CPR contributed to her death.
London Drugs hackers seek millions in ransom on claims of stolen employee data
A notorious hacking group has claimed responsibility for the attack on the dark web, but London Drugs says it has no intention to pay the ransom.
Thousands of City of Calgary workers vote in favour of strike action
Thousands of City of Calgary workers voted in favour of strike action after negotiations between the union and the city resulted in three rejected offers.
Vancouver man helps save rickshaw riders in Egypt after fire breaks out
Just this past weekend the couple was in Cairo and driving home around 11 p.m. when they turned a corner and saw a rickshaw going up the ramp.
Winnipeg’s Birchwood Terrace tenants, neighbours overwhelmed 2 weeks after evacuation
'It's confusing. It's overwhelming. I sometimes have to remind myself it's been six business days, because it feels like months have gone by,' a Birchwood Terrace evacuee said.
Kitchener man arrested after child luring investigation into chatroom incident
A 52-year-old Kitchener man was arrested after allegedly showing a photo of his genitals to a 14-year-old American girl in a chatroom, according to Waterloo Regional Police.
New mural being painted in Sussex, known as the mural capital of Atlantic Canada
There are 27 murals in Sussex - known as the mural capital of Atlantic Canada - and now there will be another inside the Nutrien Civic Centre.
Crowdsourcing app helps prove endangered snail still on Canada’s mainland
Last month, someone on the app said it wasn't a Northern Threetooth snail but was in fact an endangered Shagreen snail from southwestern Ontario. 
Winnipeg Sea Bears looking forward to a slam dunk sophomore season
Winnipeg Sea Bears looking forward to a slam dunk sophomore season as new players to the Sea Bears roster look forward to the upcoming season.
Saint Thomas University brings flight school to Fredericton campus
Saint Thomas University students in the Bachelor of Arts program can now earn a pilot licence at the same time, as part of a partnership with MFC Training in Fredericton.
Shooting in Picton, Ont. leaves victim seriously injured
Ontario Provincial Police said officers were called shortly after 2 a.m. Monday to an address on Union Street -- a residential area -- after a gun was fired.
B.C. wildfire crews get help from wet weather in northeast
The BC Wildfire Service says cooler, wetter conditions are allowing crews to make progress in their firefight in the province's northeast.
Cryptic posts have fans concerned for 1st ‘Bachelorette’ pair, Trista and Ryan
Is there trouble in paradise for Trista and Ryan Sutter?
Edmonton Elks running back Kevin Brown aims to take game to new heights in 2024
When asked Tuesday if Brown has the ability to reach another level this season, Elks head coach and general manager Chris Jones said "we're certainly hoping so."
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Rockstar Energy Drink is Giving Away a Custom Jeep Wrangler  and $20,000 To Fuel the Ultimate Summer Road Trip
Rockstar Energy Drink is Giving Away a Custom Jeep Wrangler and $20,000 To Fuel the Ultimate Summer Road Trip
(NewsUSA) - One lucky winner will score big when participating in Rockstar Energy's “Fuel Your Drive” promotionPURCHASE, N.Y., May 20, 2024 – With people looking to get out and travel more …
BookTrib’s Bites: Jump into Spring with These Four Reads
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The Untold Story of GoDaddy Founder’s Traumatic Life and Explosive Success
The Untold Story of GoDaddy Founder’s Traumatic Life and Explosive Success
(NewsUSA) - If ever there was a story about a self-made man whose wealth can be measured more by the contents of his heart than by the contents of his bank account, this is it.Everybody has heard of …
La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil destaca las oportunidades
La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil destaca las oportunidades
(NewsUSA) - La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil, una iniciativa del Departamento de Trabajo de EE. UU., presenta una variedad de eventos y oradores en lugares de todos los Estados Unidos para mostrar …
BookTrib's Bites: Four Captivating Spring Reads
(NewsUSA) - Writers of the Future Volume 40 by L. Ron HubbardSpine-tingling. Breathtaking. Mind-blowing.Experience these powerful new voices—vivid, visceral, and visionary—as they explore …
Generac Urges Americans to Prepare for Power Outages Early
Generac Urges Americans to Prepare for Power Outages Early
(NewsUSA) - Recent Generac/Harris Poll survey provides insights into preparedness for widespread power outages*With the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season expected to have the highest activity level in …
Moms Kick Back with Mamaritas
Moms Kick Back with Mamaritas
(NewsUSA) - Being a mom can be challenging, but celebrating Mother’s Day and other spring events can be easy. What better way to celebrate moms and spring than with a brunch or an outdoor cocktail …
Youth Apprenticeship Week Spotlights Opportunities
Youth Apprenticeship Week Spotlights Opportunities
(NewsUSA) - Youth Apprenticeship Week, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Labor, features a range of events and speakers at venues across the United States to showcase the many benefits of …
Adventure Awaits: Discover the Playset that Brings Exercise, Imagination, and Family Time to Your Doorstep!
Adventure Awaits: Discover the Playset that Brings Exercise, Imagination, and Family Time to Your Doorstep!
(NewsUSA) - APRIL 2024 Backyard adventures await! As spring unfolds, parents seek the perfect outdoor swing set—a beacon of fun and a fortress of safety. The challenge lies in finding a backyard …
New Expo Showcases AI Innovation
New Expo Showcases AI Innovation
(NewsUSA) - Want to learn more about the latest innovations in artificial intelligence?Don’t miss the first-ever AI Expo for National Competitiveness, which takes place on May 7-8, 2024, in …